Your Dog must be able to pass the requirements in order to be a Karma Dogs.

1. Accept greeting a friendly stranger. 

2. Accept petting from a stranger.

3. Allows grooming and examination from strangers.

4. Walk politely on a leash, without pulling.

5. Walk politely through a crowd.

6. Positive reaction to unexpected sounds and visuals.

7. Sit on command.*

8. Down on command.

9. Stays while handler walks away (approx. 10 feet).

10. Comes when called. 

11. Must react politely to a neutral dog.

12. Accepts a hug from stranger without negative reaction.

13.  Sees someone walking in an unusual manner, reacts positively and accepts petting. 

14. Reacts politely to being bumped or pushed from behind/unexpectedly. 

15. Reacts politely to be crowded by strangers.

16. Accepts treats politely. 

17. Dog will "leave it" on command with high value item.

18. Dog can be separated from owner for 2 minutes without anxiety.

19. Dog does not jump on people when greeting them. 

20. Dog must not bark or whine excessively. 


The cost of the test is $20, payable by check or cash. Any aggressive response or dog who eliminates during the test will be cause for immediate dismissal. It will be at the trainer's discretion if the dog may be retested at a later date. Prong, choke or shock collars are forbidden. Head halters, non-nylon martingales and flexible leads are also forbidden. The use of food and rewards is not allowed at any time. Please bring your own brush and treats if your dog has any sensitivities. Please contact to schedule an evaluation.